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 You deserve the best so we have decided to give this much loved design a wonderful update. One of the first improvements that we made for KATE LUXE was with the material. This high quality Peony Silky Korean Chiffon making it more cooling and comfortable to wear. The material is also opaque and non-transparent, which maintains the modest and demure quality of the design. What is so special about KATE Series is the combination curve edge shape and oval cut making it easier for you to always discover new styles.

Embellished with butterfly shape of DIAMOND is the signature style of KATE LUXE .KATE LUXE is a higher sense of luxe and sophistication. With these improvements, we know that Kate Luxe will win the hearts of our loyal customers, this is a design that will be a fan favourite for years to come.

* Peony Korean Silky Chiffon
* Butterfly Shape Diamond
* Light weight
* Long shawl, One Side Oval and One Side Curve Edge
* 1.90 meter x 0.70 meter (approximately)
(*Colours may differ slightly due to camera flash / computer settings)